Sometimes euthanasia – the administering of a painless death – is the only option to prevent a pet from suffering. We are able to ensure that your pet has a quick, painless and humane death.

Planned Euthanasia

Planned euthanasia can be recommended by a veterinarian on humane grounds, for instance, if the animal is suffering from a severe and incurable disease. There are other circumstances in which the decision to take the approach of planned euthanasia is less clear cut – for example on an old or very ill pet that has a decreasing quality of life or that has been given a terminal prognosis.

We understand that pet owners have deep emotional ties to their companions and that they will do everything they can before taking such a profound decision. We will support you in enacting your wishes, in the interest of the animal’s welfare and the prevention of further suffering. Your vet will be able to guide and advise you when the time is right, as the saying goes ‘better a week too soon than a day too late’.

Lethal Injection

Lethal injection is a painless and humane approach where a vet intravenously administers an overdose of strong anaesthetic drugs into the pet’s neck. Where appropriate, a sedative is sometimes given beforehand. Soon, the pet will take a few deep breaths before falling to the ground, at which point the veterinarian will monitor the pulse until it stops. Although the heart will have stopped there may still be some involuntary muscle twitching or movement. If you wish, the vet may allow you to hold your pet’s head but because this can be extremely emotional, we would recommend you make sure you have someone there to support you.

Heavenly Pastures Pet Cremations

Afterwards, Heavenly Pastures Pet Cremations and Horse Cremations will be there to help you with the collection if needed and cremation of your companion.

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