As a responsible Skelmersdale pet owner, you want to do your best to make sure that you are prepared and know what to do in the event of your companion’s sudden death or necessary euthanasia. This means that you do not have to deal with the additional stress and worry of having to organise Skelmersdale pet cremation arrangements during your time of loss.

Skelmersdale Pet Cremations

Heavenly Pastures Skelmersdale pet cremations have the highest standards when it comes to managing the collection and cremation of pets from Skelmersdale pet owners.

  • Animals are handled with dignity and respect as far as possible. This can sometimes be challenging given the size and weight of pets, especially when we need to move them out of a Skelmersdale stable where me may need lifting equipment to transfer the animal to our collection vehicle.
  • Collections in the Lancashire, Cheshire and Merseyside regions will be made promptly and usually within two to three hours of receiving the request, unless we agree an alternate timeline with the Skelmersdale pet owner. Nationwide collection times will be arranged with you.
  • Our covered, leak-proof collection vehicle will always arrive in Skelmersdale empty for the collection of the animal. Our Skelmersdale pet cremations collection vehicle, equipment, clothing, and footwear will always be clean and hygienic.
  • We will comply with all relevant legislation, including the completion of the transfer documents to cover the collection of the remains and ashes from Skelmersdale.
  • The transfer document will be fully completed with the owners’ name, address in Skelmersdale and contact number, plus the pet’s name. The transfer document will accompany the remains at all times.

Heavenly Pastures Pet Cremations

Heavenly Pastures Pet Cremations and Horse Cremations are here to help you with pet collection, if required, and pet cremation services in Skelmersdale – covering the surrounding counties of Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire within two to three hours as well as offering a nationwide collection and pet cremation service. We give you the space to grieve as our Skelmersdale end of life service takes care of the practical arrangements.

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