Planning To Say Goodbye to a Pet

If you feel you can, it is be better for both you and your pet to plan early for end-of-life care. Planning to say goodbye ahead of time, allows you to think carefully about what you’d like to do: how you will remember your pet’s end-of-life, and how you will remember them after their death.

Planning To Say Goodbye to a Pet

We have put together this checklist of items to think about when the time is right. We can help you by explaining about pet cremation and hopefully take some of  the mystery out of this process if this is something you are thinking about for the first time.

End of Life Checklist

  1. Where would you like it to happen? This could be at your vets or in your home.
  2. Who will be there? Which family members wish to attend.
  3. When is the right time for it to happen? This is difficult question. Your vet can help you with objective, sensitive advice. Remember that your pet’s quality of life is just as important as your need to be with them.
  4. What will happen to your deceased pet? There are various options available including: ·
    1. Burial – either at home or in a pet cemetery
    2. Communal cremation
    3. Individual cremation (where you receive your pet’s ashes back) – consider the type of vessel that you want for your pet’s ashes.
  5. Keepsakes? Paw prints and hair clippings can be taken to remember your pet.
  6. Memorials: there are various ways to memorialise your pet including pictures, grave markers or ornaments

Heavenly Pastures Pet Cremations

Heavenly Pastures Pet Cremations are here to help you with horse cremations and pet cremation services in the North West – covering the counties of Lancashire, Merseyside and Cheshire. We give you the space to grieve as our end of life service takes care of the practical arrangements so you have the space to grieve.

We offer cremation services for most small animals, including:

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